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Why is Wearable Technology Fading Away?

Why is Wearable Technology Fading Away?

Technology as a whole has been evolving rapidly in the past decade. You can't walk down the street without seeing people with their smartphones in their hands, browsing the web or just looking for the nearest restaurant to visit. With the influx of new gadgets coming out on the market, it was only a matter of time before wearable technology started showing up. For a while, it was a hot, new craze, but the frequency at which people are purchasing these products has declined recently. So what exactly happened to cause this drop in popularity?


Tech Didn't Advance Enough

One of the most detrimental problems with wearable technology is the wall designers hit when it came to advancing the products. Practically the only version of the new technology you ever see on the street are smartwatches and Fitbits. What seemed to be the future of gadgets now appears to be nothing more than a fad. Smartwatches are essentially just a smartphone on your wrist. There is no real added functionality, and they can be hard to read and operate.


More Distracting

Unfortunately, trouble reading and operating wearable technology isn't the only major issue with the products. Smartphones, as is, are distracting. Smartwatches can be even more distracting and are potentially dangerous when driving. Gadgets like smartwatches and Google Glass give people a false sense of safety. The fact that these accessories are voice-operated may make it seem like distractions are less common than using your smartphone. This false sense of security tends to make people interact with the products more frequently than they would with a smartphone, though. Wearable technology was supposed to be the future of technology, but as it stands now, the technology could be more dangerous than it's worth. 


The Future of Wearable Technology

A world filled with wearable technology could still be a reality. Added functionality is being tested all the time. These products don't have to be restricted to being novelty items. Many ideas for genuinely helpful technology in the field of wearable technology are in progress. Devices that could literally improve human senses are being talked about by engineers. The future of wearable technology is not lost.

There are many reasons that wearable technology didn't achieve the success it was expected to. The once-promising new technology has unfortunately hit a wall in its advancement, but that doesn't mean it can't be saved. The future of technology will still include smartwatches and Google Glass. They just need to be improved. Wearable technology is still evolving and will be a definite fixture in the world.

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