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What’s on the Horizon in Screen Technology?

What’s on the Horizon in Screen Technology?

Screens, televisions, and computer monitors are in constant innovation. New types of televisions come out faster than most people can afford to buy them, and gamers are always trying to buy the latest monitor for the highest refresh rate and resolution. Keep reading to learn what the future of screens looks like.


4K resolution is the current wave in televisions and monitors; however, 8K televisions are already in the market. The terms 4K and 8K refer to pixel amount. It's how many pixels are spread out across the screen. The more pixels, the clearer the image will be. Most people are happy with their 4K televisions, so you may be wondering what 8K has in store for us as consumers. 8K may be the standard for years to come. You see, our eyes can't register much above 8K. This means once the price settles down people will be able to afford these screens, and 8K may be the standard in television.

Refresh Rate

Sixty frames per second used to be the standard in gaming; however, professional gamers are looking for even more clarity. The hardware exists to push the video game quality much higher: Gamers are just waiting for television companies to catch up. The refresh rate refers to how many images per second a screen displays. The higher the refresh rate, the better the advantage for the gamer. Don't be surprised if you see monitors advertising refresh rates well above what is normal in the near future.

New Software

One of the biggest things to look forward to—at least for those who suffer from color blindness—is screens that can adjust for color blindness. These screens are useful for those who suffer from red/green color blindness, and they could allow these people to see their televisions and monitors the way they were meant to be seen. Having migraines is a serious disability that makes it nearly impossible to use monitors normally. This means that television companies are always looking to help people who suffer from migraines too. Expect to see televisions with more subtle, softer light in the future.

The television industry doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon, and it's for good reason. People are expecting more out of their televisions than ever before. We expect them to behave as computers, gaming stations, and a place to watch television. Don't be surprised if you see smart TVs go through a major change in the near future.

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