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New Tech Is Making Boats Safer

New Tech Is Making Boats Safer

Being on the water with your boat is one of the best ways to relax and experience true freedom. However, with the ownership of a boat comes also the responsibility of keeping everyone in and out of the boat safe. Luckily, due to technological advances, many of those precautions are being taken care of. The following list entails some of the ways tech is making boating safer.

Smart Buoys

First things first: what exactly is a buoy? A buoy is essentially the water equivalent of streetlights. They help navigate people through narrow or dangerous waters as well as provide additional information. Needless to say, they are very handy tools of navigation. One of the most innovative implementations of technology and a buoy is their ability to now be able to tell you what's ahead before you even approach it. These are what you call "smart Buoys." Apps today exist that allow you to connect directly to one and be able to receive up to the minute information about any situations around that body of water.

Kill Switches

A kill switch is one of the newest technologies being signed into law or being considered to be signed within many states. This is due to its effectiveness in preventing boat accidents. So, how does a kill switch work? It's rather simple, in the event that the boat driver is thrown overboard their lanyard which contains the kill switch technology will sense the separation and stop the boat when someone falls out. The switch is also being implemented for other reasons such as drunk driving. Drunk boating is a common cause of boat accidents, but providing a kill switch can prevent associated injuries such as getting struck by the boat's propeller.

VHS Radio Transmitters and Receivers

One of the most important pieces of technology to have been implemented within today's boats is the VHF or (Very High Frequency) radio transmitter. This radio is unlike the traditional type that is only able to communicate atmospherically. A VHF transmitter provides boaters with an ocean-wide range of communication and often have a direct line to the Coast Guard. It also allows other boats to see you on their radar that otherwise would not be able to see you physically.

Digital Dashboard Warnings

If you are on the lookout for a new boat, you may have noticed that most newer models contain a digital dashboard rather than the traditional knobs and buttons. This is mainly due to a variety of reasons. Not only is it convenient to have everything in one place, but it is also safer. A digital dashboard provides boaters with the ability to understand what exactly is wrong with the boat. Much like the tech within a that warns us about faulty tires or brakes, these dashboards can also warn about potential safety hazards.

Safety on your boat must be your number one priority going forward. Thankfully due to countless innovations in technology, this task has become a lot simpler to accomplish. We highly recommend doing additional research and as always check with your local authorities for recommendations and laws regarding this new tech.

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