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Cars and Phones: What You Should Know

Cars and Phones: What You Should Know

The rise of cell phones has led to a major increase in distracted driving deaths and accidents. Unfortunately, cell phones lead to more than 1.6 million crashes every year. This has resulted in a rash of technological and legal changes that are designed to make driving and phones more compatible and safer. To that end, here are three things you should know when it comes to your car and your phone.


Bluetooth technology can be very helpful at ensuring that your attention remains where it should be -- on the road. Thanks to Bluetooth tech, you can speak, answer calls, and use a GPS or map system without moving your hands or tilting your head, two things which can lead to accidents. You should ensure that you navigate your settings to enable your Bluetooth. However, keep this in mind: Hands-free modes aren't perfect, so you still have to pay attention to the road. If you find that you cannot safely do so, it may be more advantageous to disable your Bluetooth in order to protect yourself and others.


There are a variety of accessories that you can purchase that can help you manage your phone while driving. These include holders that can place your phone on the dashboard, chargers, and advanced transmitters that can help you use your phone in areas of reduced reception. Don't assume that all accessories have to be physical! There are apps that will block you from using your phone while driving and other apps that can enhance your talk-to-text capacities.

What's the Law?

Many states have banned the use of hand-held devices while driving, as have other cities and local levels of government. For some states, it's a primary offense; for others, it's a secondary one, meaning it is only added on as an additional charge when you are pulled over for something else. When you drive somewhere, you should understand the local law. Otherwise, you risk being stopped by the police and being given a ticket.


Cars aren't just transportation vehicles; they are multi-ton machines, powered by advanced engines, which can cause serious injury to yourself and others. If you must use your phone, or be connected to the rest of the world at all times, you have an obligation to yourself, your family, and others on the road to do so responsibly. Check out these accessories, and see what may help you do just that.

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