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3 Ways Technology is Helping Us Cope with Growing Older

3 Ways Technology is Helping Us Cope with Growing Older

There are several ways technology can help people cope with growing older. For instance, there is social interaction. As you age, your mobility can steadily deteriorate. However, you don't have to retract from your social connections when you have the ability to use social media. In addition, electric wheelchairs and technologically advanced medical procedures can help to enhance your mobility well into the later years of your lives.

Keeps Us Mobile

For many, the aging process can limit mobility as your joints become stiffer and your bones more fragile. In fact, a fall can easily break a bone and cause you to need to use an aid for getting around. Thankfully, technology has produced the electric wheelchair, which can help to bring independence back even in the golden years. Depending on the model, the cushions and seating are customizable.

The Reeve Foundation says that the size of electric wheelchairs allows them to fit in tight spaces, to fit into large cars, and to comfortably move around on sidewalks. Without a doubt, electric wheelchairs enable a person to travel farther than a manual wheelchair would. Other technological options for increased mobility include advanced medical procedures. To illustrate, a procedure called vertebroplasty injects bone cement into the backbone to help alleviate osteoporosis.

Helps Manage Medication

There are many ways technology can help manage medication. Assisted Living Center explains that apps and online services can help us handle prescription renewals, changes in dosages, and other medication challenges we face. Currently, there are many games that promote brain fitness and that help to curb dementia. Use of a mobile tablet can also have a significantly positive effect on helping you to cope with the aging process. The touchscreen is easy to use and to read.

Increases Social Interaction

Just because you don't have the energy or mobility that you had in your 20s and 30s does not mean that you need to forego social interactions altogether. It may be more difficult to get out of bed and move around, but you can still connect with those you love and care about through the use of social media. You can certainly enjoy the pictures and comments posted by your family and friends on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, you can instantly share information if you need help too. Aging can tend to make people feel more isolated as they deal with pain and other medical issues. However, according to Enlivant, social media can help you to continue to feel connected even if you have to stay inside more often.

As you can see, there are at least three ways technology can help you cope with growing older. Check out our exercise tech to help you stay fit, and our computers and tablets to keep connected with others online!

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